Grace Abounding

  “Grace takes its rise far back in the heart of God, in the awful and incomprehensible abyss of His holy being; but  the channel through which it flows out to men is Jesus Christ, crucified and risen….

We who feel ourselves alienated from the fellowship of God can now raise our discouraged heads and look up. Through the virtues of Christ’s atoning death the cause of our banishment has been removed. We may return as the Prodigal returned, and be welcome. As we approach the Garden, our home before the Fall, the flaming sword is withdrawn. The keepers of the tree of life stand aside when they see a son of grace approaching.”

“Return, O wanderer, now return,

and seek thy Father’s face;

Those new desires which in thee burn

Were kindled by His grace

Return, O wanderer, now return,

And wipe the falling tear:

Thy Father calls,- no longer mourn;

‘Tis love invites Thee near.”

-William Benco Collyer

-A.W. Tozer, The Knowledge of the Holy.


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