Notes: Contrasting Idols and Yahweh in Jeremiah

In chapter 10 verses 1-16, Jeremiah contrasts Israel’s God with idols using four sets of statements about idols and corresponding praise of God.

In verses 2-7,

  • Idols are powerless and not to be feared, whereas
  • Yahweh is great in power and worthy to be feared by all.

In verses 8-10,

  • Idols are worthless and dependent on men, whereas
  • Yahweh is the true and living God Whose wrath shakes the earth.

In verses 11-13,

  • Idols did not create and will perish with the earth, whereas
  • Yahweh created the universe and controls it with His hands.

In verses 14-16,

  • Idols are lifeless and will come to destruction, whereas
  • Yahweh is Israel’s portion and eternal inheritance; “Yahweh of Hosts is His name.”

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