Parallelism in Col. 1:15-20

In this text, St. Paul structures his poem about the cosmic gospel to draw parallel between Creation (vv. 15-17) and New Creation (vv. 18-20), demonstrating that Jesus is the captain of both the created order and of the reconciliation. Below is a rough sketch of corresponding ideas in the two sections:

  • 1:15 Image of God; 1:18 Head of the Church
  • 1:15 Firstborn of creation; 1:18 Firstborn of the dead
  • 1:16 All things created in Him; 1:19,20 In Him the Fullness of God dwells, reconciling all things to Him
  • 1:16 Things in heaven and on earth; 1:120 Whether on earth or in heaven
  • 1:17 In Him all things hold together; 1:20 Making peace by the blood of His cross

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